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Football betting options

Before you bet on football, make sure you understand and are comfortable with all of your betting choices. Consider the many wagering options for a football game as tools in a toolbox. Each one serves a distinct purpose, and which one you employ is determined by your goals. We go into the benefits of the many sorts of แทงบอล football betting choices elsewhere on this site, but here’s a brief rundown:

  • Moneyline

When you know a team will win the game hands down and don’t care how many points they win by, this is a solid pick. It also allows you to make a higher profit on an underdog you believe will win the game, rather than earning slightly less than even money on the point spread.

  • Spread Betting

When you like a favorite to win by a comfortable margin, the point spread allows you to obtain close to equal odds on them. When you believe an underdog will keep things close but don’t want to risk requiring an absolute upset to cash your ticket, you may use the point spread.

  • Over/Under

The Over/Under is your best choice when you have a strong hunch about a game’s potential to be higher-scoring or lower-scoring than predicted.

  • Totals by Team

The biggest advantage of betting on team totals is that you’re only betting on how many points one of the teams will score, whereas Over/Under includes both teams’ total points. Also, if you prefer a favorite but don’t think the point spread or money line odds favor you, you may pick them over their team total instead.

  • Half-time

When you anticipate one side will come out strong early in the game but are concerned about them maintaining that level of play throughout the game, a first-half wager is appropriate. Because the first-half point spread is usually somewhat larger than half of the full-game spread, you may utilize it to bet on strong favorites.

  • Real-time wagering

If the odds provided before the game begins aren’t to your taste, live betting may be able to provide you with better odds. You’ll be able to bet on a favorite with a lower point spread or better Moneyline odds if they fall behind in the first quarter, for example.

  • Teasers

Teasers allow you to bet on teams with better point spreads without having to lay additional juice by “buying points.” After you’ve completed reading our football betting strategy for beginner’s article, go to our football betting strategy for expert’s page to learn about the greatest betting teaser tactics.

  • Parlays

Instead of risking a lot to win a little on two favorites, combine them into a parlay and lower your risk. When you can connect them, parlays make sense, which we’ll go over in the football betting strategy for experts’ posts.

  • Props

Props allow you to focus solely on certain matches inside the game and not on anything else. When you’re confident in one player’s ability to dominate or be shut down by the opponent, employ these.

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