Poker Fanatics Guide to Texas Hold’em Poker

Casino Poker- Believe it or not there are poker games within the casino walls too. Casino Poker usually uses playing cards instead of dice like Craps does, and is a very fast-paced game.

Poker can be played with many different types of poker games, hands and bets available to you!

The most popular type is Texas Hold’em Poker which has the following betting rounds:

  1. Blinds – Before each hand starts, there are two players that will place blinds in front of them. They represent how much money they want others sitting at the table to put into the pot before any cards have been dealt or shown by anyone else’s hands yet. These are called “blind” because these two players cannot see anything other than their own hole cards (cards dealt face down) until everyone folds after seeing what they were dealt from those first two openings below theirs;
  1. Ante – The ante is the next level of betting in poker. This one is where you put a minimum amount that must be committed to the pot before any cards are dealt or shown by anyone else’s hands yet;
  1. Flop – After the Ante has been set up, everyone turns their best three hole cards facedown and players get two community face-up cards on top of theirs. You take this time to look at your hand and make decisions about what you want to do with it: fold, bet more money (raise), or call bets already made so far;
  1. Turn/Fourth Street – Another round of dealing takes place for fourth street which includes another card being flipped over from the deck onto all five table board members’ hands, and the Fifth Street is when another card from the deck is flipped over onto all five players’ hands.

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